The challenge

Red Dot Jewels is an Indian jewellery retailer and ecommerce brand. They have a strong Instagram following but wanted to increase their engagement rates on the platform.

Our approach

Just what is it that makes great content great? At Bubbli, we believe it’s not just about how well a good idea is turned into a piece of content. It needs to have demonstrable ansd tangible results, too. Great content brings genuine value to the audience it’s intended for, and it’s delivered to that audience direct to where they ‘hang out’ online. For Red Dot Jewels’ customers, this meant tailoring our thorougly researched and expertly designed infographic, The Indian Wedding Checklist, to Instagram’s Story format.

The outcome

Bubbli took a great piece of content and made it work on multiple channels, helping Red Dot Jewels reach new levels of engagement in all the places they interact with their audience.

Working with both Sveta and Neil, I highly recommend their services. They have been truly helpful to responding to our needs and have made the process of understanding SEO so much easier. Sveta has been very responsive and has catered to our company's content management efficiently. They have both been a delight to work with and I would encourage anyone who is looking for a reliable and hard-working team, to go through them.
Riyaq H