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Our technical SEO audits give your website a ‘deep clean’ so that Google can easily explore your pages and understand what you offer. Get Google’s trust and rank higher on search engines with Bubbli Digital.

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Technical SEO Audit Services

While we can’t stress enough the importance of content that has the human touch, it’s vital to never lose sight of the pixels and data that are running in the background of your online business.

Think of technical SEO as the giant cogs and gears behind your website that allows your (hopefully) brilliant content to be compartmentalised and put where people need it most.

And no, you don’t need to be a technical SEO expert here. However, it’s important to develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals. This helps you to communicate your needs and wants clearly to web developers and other technical SEO services.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the principles of technical SEO and get your content captivating future customers and search engines at the same time.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is essentially a method of keeping your website up to the modern standards and requirements of search engines. By improving your technical SEO, your business is improving its chances of gaining more organic rankings online.

What is technical SEO looking to improve upon? It looks to keep your web pages easy for Google to categorise and easy for customers to explore. It does this via looking at your website’s architecture, or by crawling and indexing your online presence.


Why Is Technical SEO Important?

93% of all online experiences now begin by using some kind of search engine. The statistics speak for themselves. So, what’s the importance of your business alongside this?

Let’s use food as an example here. What if you knew of a restaurant that served up the most delicious, mouth-watering meals you’ve ever seen. You’re desperate to experience this. Why? Well, they have all of your favourite foods, and the prices are within your budget.

You can’t wait to give this place your business.

Then you drive up to the restaurant. Suddenly there are roadblocks and gridlock traffic no matter where you turn. Worse still, you can’t even see the road leading to the place you wanted to try out. You look for another route, but there isn’t one. You’re stuck and you’re lost.

Not only are you disappointed, but you’re frustrated. Has the business given you any kind of help in navigating you to reach them?


So, why is technical SEO important? Because it doesn’t matter how great your business is when no one can find it. If people can’t reach you they won’t become customers.

Technical SEO Benefits

While technical SEO benefits tend to fall into the category of being so constant that you barely realise it (like all great technical work, it’s so good that it’s almost invisible!), here’s 5 of the main technical SEO benefits.

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Better Display and Layout

Technical SEO can mean automating much of what was once manual. Doing this ensures that while your content is consistent, so is the way it’s presented online and across social media.

Because technical SEO services the entire user experience, you’re able to control the content seen and how that content is seen too.

Strong Technical Framework to Display Your Content

Think of your content as a piece of art, and technical SEO tools as the walls and frames that display it. By implementing technical SEO tactics, you’re giving people great content that’s easy to find.

Through indexing and crawling, your content can be presented in the best way possible to those actively searching for it.

Snippets in the Search Results

Technical SEO gives a deeper insight into your brand than just a URL on page one of Google. Through featured snippets, your business also displays images, video content and customer ratings.

What does this mean for your business? It means standing out from the sea of bland URLs with one sentence beneath them.

Position-Zero Potential

Being in position-zero of Google (also known as being the featured snippet) places you above the top-ranking page.

Being ranked position-zero puts your brand in carousels and other promoted features. In other words, technical SEO can actually take you above position one on Google!

Better Overall Ranking on Search Engines

What do all of the above points lead to? It leads to not only ranking better overall across search engines for your web pages but also doing so consistently.

Better overall ranking brings brand recognition, which leads to more traffic, and more customers. And of course, more visitors means more conversions.

How many visitors? Well, Google receives 3.5 billion searches worldwide per day. Whatever the issue or problem, people now naturally flock to search engines to find solutions.

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Technical SEO Audit Tips

If we stick to the food analogy, think of Google as someone scanning a menu. Google wants to explore (or crawl) your array of goods so that it can better understand what you offer (and more importantly, what you’re offering the people searching for your services).

If your menu is clearly formatted with separate lists of starters, mains, side dishes and desserts (or indexing) then it’s easier for Google to crawl your products. When Google understands, and your menu (or website) offers fast services and solutions to common problems, you’re onto a winning formula.

So, how do we get you started on your technical SEO journey? These technical SEO tips will prepare you.

Check the Structure of Your Website

A strong and clear structure gives Google a much clearer picture of what your website does. This is vital when you consider that Google currently has a 92.47% global market share of the entire search engine industry.

It’s all about making your website easier to explore. When Google likes the look of your website, it can crawl and index the pages on there with ease.

Ideally, the structure of your website needs to be ‘flat’ (which means that all the pages are connected to one another by just a few links). This ‘flat’ structure is like a welcome sign for search engines to explore your webpage, which is one of the most important parts of technical SEO.

Let’s look at how technical SEO services the Bubbli Digital website structure.

As you can see, our structure is flat and all pages are linked. We’re putting the welcome mat out for Google to come and crawl our webpage.

Is this a difficult process? It depends on your business. Some websites will be easily structured, whereas an e-commerce site that hosts hundreds of product pages is going to be much trickier.

If you’re unsure what category your business falls under, fear not. There are technical SEO tools that’ll give you a better idea before you rush off to a technical SEO agency for help.

A Quick Tip: URL Structure Should Be Simple and Consistent

Your URL needs to be simple and informative. Why? Because that’s what Google and your customers need to find you. It’s that simple.

This example shows how simple it can be. Don’t overthink your URL. Keep it straightforward and bring in the people actively searching for your product or service.

Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking

We’ve touched on these terms previously, but let’s be sure that you’re fully aware of what they mean. No one expects you to become an overnight SEO sensation, but it can help to know these terms when talking with technical SEO services.

As a general rule, search engines follow these 3 methods.

1. Crawling: Crawling refers to when a search engine bot scans your content. At this stage, Google is giving your URL/coding/content a look over. If you have a lot of pages to crawl and want Google to avoid crawling some pages you don’t care about, adding robots.txt (such as www.example.com/robots.txt) notifies the bot that this isn’t a page worth crawling.

2. Indexing: This is where the crawled content gets stored and organised. When a page has been officially indexed, it has the potential to be found for those terms when people search for them online.

3. Ranking: Now that your content has been crawled and indexed, it will be ranked according to usefulness depending on the specific terms someone searches for online.

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Duplicate Content

Every business, regardless of the industry, should be putting out original and unique content. But considering how damaging duplicate content can be to your technical SEO strategy, it’s essential to be vigilant here.

Using an SEO audit tool will give you an overview of not only if you have duplicate content on your own webpage, but also if there’s duplicate content between your website and another.

While duplicate content may be a rare occurrence for businesses that pride themselves on unique output, it can still happen.
Top tip: If you discover duplicate content that you are the original author of, don’t panic too much as this will impact the other website, and not yours.

Remember - Google wants to provide people with the best solution possible. For that to be you, your content needs to be original, well-formatted, and understandable for bots.

Checking for Dead Links

Internal dead links make everyone’s life harder. From a Google perspective, you’re making it far more difficult for your page to be crawled. This means that:

  • Google cannot effectively explore your website
  • It won’t be able to index it correctly
  • It won’t fully understand what service your provide
  • And therefore you won’t rank well for your business

Let’s consider this from a customer perspective. If they did find your website and were considering giving you their business, what would internal broken links say about your brand?

  • You aren’t capable of simple webpage maintenance
  • You’re not responsive to issues
  • You’re not a business to be trusted
  • And therefore you’re not worth investing time or money into

Optimising XML Sitemaps

Part of the backbone of technical SEO is the optimisation of your XML sitemaps. An XML sitemap provides you with a comprehensive list of the most important pages on your site. Why are XML sitemaps important? They help search engine bots crawl your website with ease.

If you’re serious about wanting to rank on Google and gain leads, you need to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for the website to be crawled and indexed.

Think of it as giving the bots a map to the most important places of your online business.
Below is an example of the Bubbli Digital sitemap.

Being Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are responsible for 55% of all global site traffic. What does this tell us? It tells us that making your website mobile-friendly should no longer be considered a choice. It’s a necessity for appealing to customers across all devices and ranking well on search engines.

Again, this comes down to common sense. Consider the future of business, and where you fit within that future. Implementing a mobile-friendly website now saves you several restructuring headaches down the road.

Be sure to check your web page through this wonderful Google technical SEO tool, and avoid future problems that are inevitable without a mobile-friendly setup.

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The Basics: A Technical SEO Audit Checklist

Again, no one is expecting you to implement or monitor all of these requirements yourself.

This guide only scratches the surface of a much deeper and more complicated beast. But once you’ve started working alongside a technical SEO service team and you’ve put these plans into action, you’re making life much easier in the long run.

However, in order to help you understand what’s needed and what to communicate to others, here’s a technical SEO checklist to stay on top of.

Technical SEO audit checklist:

Technical SEO audit checklist:

  • Is your website fast enough for your users?
  • Is the framework of your website easy for Google to crawl?
  • Does your website have a ‘flat’ structure?
  • Have you checked for duplicate content?
  • Have you checked your website for internal dead links?
  • Have you checked and optimised your XML sitemap?
  • Is your webpage mobile-friendly?
  • Is that mobile-friendly content the same as your desktop content?

If you’re able to keep these considerations in mind, then you’re one step closer to putting a sound technical SEO marketing plan into place.

How Bubbli Digital Can Help with Your Technical SEO

At Bubbli Digital staying one step ahead of online shifts and developing pitch-perfect content across the world is second nature to us.

Our integrated multichannel marketing approach harnesses expert technical SEO strategies through content that makes your brand pop!

By developing strong narratives with your SEO needs in mind, your business will stand out through well-optimised content that serves a purpose.

There are those who claim that human-led content and Google-friendly strategies can’t co-exist. We take great pride in proving those people wrong on a daily basis.

SEO Content with the Human Touch

There’s nothing more powerful than well-written content that works alongside SEO strategies to humanise your brand. Not only are you getting Google to understand you’re a high-ranker, but you’re also developing long-term relationships with customers.

By creating content that pleases search engines and appeals to human emotions, your business can not only reach new heights but new depths, too.

Don’t forget the importance of effective content when putting your technical SEO strategy in place. While a solid technical framework is essential, you need eye-catching content that you can display across that solid SEO structure.

Don’t be the business that almost got there. Be the business that’s everywhere.

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