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A Guide to National SEO

We’ve previously delved into the benefits of local SEO and what it can do for a more traditional brick and mortar business. But what about e-commerce companies and other businesses that exist online only? That’s where national SEO can really make your brand shine.

You could arguably describe national SEO as the traditional and more well-known method of search engine optimisation. While local SEO focuses on regions, national SEO looks to reach a little further and aim a little higher.

However, if you think you know the inner workings of this ‘classic’ approach to SEO then think again. Like the world around it, SEO is changing and adapting to new challenges, and if your business isn’t heading in the same direction, you’re liable to get lost in the shuffle.

Are you ready to be limitless, and not rely on regional SEO? If you’re looking to get your brand loud and proud across the search engines, here’s a guide to some of the essentials of national SEO.

What Is National SEO?

National SEO is the act of investing time, effort, and working with national SEO services to rank further than your local areas of business.

With national SEO, you’re looking to rank for broader keywords instead of the geographical area keywords that your business may aim for locally.

While national SEO keywords are far more competitive, strong content and a solid SEO strategy can make you stand out from competitors and reap the benefits of national SEO exposure.

Why Is National SEO Important?

Because you already know what the future of your business looks like, and it’s fully online with a much larger audience within your reach. 

So, why is national SEO important? It’s where all business success is headed, as opposed to where it’s been. And if you’re serious about gaining traction online, making a big bang as a new brand, or even expanding into new areas, it’s something you’ll need to not only understand but also fully embrace.

The Benefits of National SEO

It stands to reason that with a broader reach and more competitive keywords comes greater benefits for your business. While making a content strategy alongside a national SEO agency, it’s important to know the expected results once you reach your goals.

Benefits of national SEO include:

  • Become an authority in your space
  • Increased number of organic visitors to your website
  • Greater brand awareness and credibility
  • Increased social media presence and following
  • Drive more revenue and sales nationwide

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Local vs National SEO

If you’re unsure of what’s best for your particular business and need a better understanding of local vs national SEO before you make that decision, let’s look at the differences below.

A local SEO campaign will be focused on being visible within specific regions. Whether that’s through community-focused marketing or gaining reviews and testimonials, the ultimate goal is gaining customers within a set geographical location. It’ll also have a tendency to search for keywords with specific locations in them.

A national SEO campaign focuses on reaching as many people as possible. For instance, in a national SEO campaign, we’d be looking at key issues and questions your audience has and creating Google-friendly content around it.

Local and National SEO Similarities

In terms of similarities, there’s one main golden rule for both of these SEO methods. Google will reward quality content that serves a purpose and resolves an issue for a reader.

So, whether it’s optimising your Google My Business page for some local SEO magic, or a complete website overhaul with competitive keywords for national SEO strategies, it needs to be focused on the user.

What Does a National SEO Campaign Include?

As any national SEO services company will tell you, an effective campaign is one that’s built on solid research and powerful content. It’s also one that’s constantly changing and adapting to the world around it.

To ensure that you’re ready for what’s to come, here are some tips and things to keep in mind before you set off on your SEO campaign.

Thorough Keyword Research

A national SEO company is going to have to be vigilant about every last detail. Throwing some keywords in the mix and crossing your fingers isn’t going to work here. A meticulous approach to keyword research is needed if you’re serious about making a national impact.

This means finding those popular keywords and cross-referencing them with some secondary low-search volume keywords (known as long-tail keywords) within your respective field. Then it’s time to map out unique blogs, articles and product web pages that are going to signal to Google that you’re a business where people can find answers to multiple questions.


Can Your Website Handle the Traffic?

While no one can measure future success for certain, we can all prepare for a best-case scenario. And successful national SEO campaigns need to be able to host a lot of visitors.

This part of your content or marketing strategy can’t be overlooked. Why? Because we’ve seen this happen before! It’s heartbreaking to watch a business excel through content that’s optimised and well-written, only to find that Google can’t crawl their webpage and that the swarm of new business they had within their grasp gave up due to a poor user experience.


Don’t put all that planning and strategy in place and forget that strong in order for people to become customers, they’ll need to have easy access to your webpage.

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Is Your Website Mobile Device Optimised?

Consider the customer who you’re looking to reach. If you’re going to be competing for those larger-scale keywords, then you need to consider users across all devices.

Consistency is key here. Customers on a desktop or a mobile device should both have the same user experience. If that’s not the case, then those mobile users will click off and take their money elsewhere.

Link Building and National SEO

Any thriving national SEO company that ranks on Google for its respective industry needs to be seen as a knowledgeable force to be reckoned with in the search engine arena. Good content and keywords can get you there, but exuding authority through your content is where Google truly rewards national SEO game plans.

By link building to highly-regarded outlets, your content gets that little extra rub of authority. Not only do you gain authority from those links, but you gain authority with Google, as it’s now able to link and crawl your web page easier.

When that happens, it has a better understanding of the service you offer and the solutions you provide. This makes you more liable to rank higher, where readers find you, and also see you as an authority.

Fresh Content That Solves a Problem

The world changes quickly, and SEO reacts to it in a split-second. That’s why when it comes to national SEO your content needs to be constantly updated or checked to fit the changing times.

Giving the reader value and solving problems means everything to Google, so when the needs or values of the customers change, Google sees it and ranks content accordingly.

Creating large-scale content that analyses or addresses common issues within your industry is a good way of avoiding too many changes. If it’s a tried and true issue, and you have a unique perspective or solution, Google tends to be happy!

How Bubbli Digital Can Help with Your National SEO

At Bubbli Digital, national SEO services are second nature to us. Staying one step ahead of online shifts and developing pitch-perfect content is what we do.

Our integrated multichannel marketing approach harnesses expert SEO strategies through content that makes your brand pop.

A Bubbli Digital campaign is one that believes in the power of words and the innovations of good SEO. By developing strong narratives with your SEO needs in mind, your business will stand out through well-optimised content that serves a purpose.

There are those who claim that human-led content and Google-friendly strategies can’t co-exist. We take great pride in proving those people wrong on a daily basis.

National SEO Content with the Human Touch

There’s nothing more powerful than well-written content that works alongside SEO strategies to humanise your brand. Not only are you getting Google to understand you’re a high-ranker, but you’re also developing long-term relationships with customers.

By creating content that pleases search engines and appeals to human emotions, your business can not only reach new heights but new depths, too. We ensure that your content is emotive, consistent, and on-brand for your business.

Don’t be the business that almost got there. Contact us today, and be the business that’s everywhere.

The opportunity to grasp more business and establish your brand is within your reach. So share your story, and trust Bubbli to get your business in front of the people actively searching for your products and services.

Your story is already there. It’s waiting for you to catch up and tell it.

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National SEO and Your Business: FAQs

What Makes Keyword Research Different for a National SEO Campaign?

Local SEO campaigns include the regions they want to cover in order to corner and dominate smaller pockets of the world (and Google for that matter). For example, a standard local SEO keyword might be gyms in Manchester. National SEO campaigns are targeting much broader keywords that appeal to just about anyone interested in that specific subject. Location isn’t a factor, and a keyword could be as broad as vegan cupcakes or best crime books.

Why Does My Business Need a National Strategy Over a Local SEO Strategy?

It ultimately depends on what you want to achieve with your business. If you’re a small-scale business that only wants to be found online with specific region-focused searches, then a national SEO strategy probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’re not a business that likes to be bound by regions, then you’re aiming for bigger fish and broader keywords. And while it’s certainly an achievable goal, a broader keyword and larger audience to appeal to needs a bigger strategy in order to get you there.

Why Does My Business Need a National Strategy Over a Local SEO Strategy?

Simply put, content has everything to do with national SEO. In fact, national SEO doesn’t exist without content. When you strip away the technologies and advancements, you’re always going to be appealing to humans. And humans need engaging content that solves a problem or answers their questions.

And if you’re still sceptical about the importance of content, and you’re only interested in what Google wants, then guess what? Content is still essential. Google likes to promote unique content that provides a service. Why? Because Google exists to provide fast and easy answers for people actively searching for certain subjects.

Which Companies Should Focus on National SEO?

Any company that hopes to rank well on Google for broad keywords and reap the rewards of that vast volume of searches needs national SEO. If you aren’t prepared or equipped to provide your product or service outside of your respective location, or you own a traditional brick and mortar business, then local SEO is more likely to benefit you more.