As much as you might think it’s magic that our clients repeatedly see an increase in traffic when we launch a new website for them – it’s not. We’d love to be SEO wizards, but in truth, we’re just a team of regular people who are passionate enough about a topic that we’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning everything we can about it.

Neil Sheth, Founder of Bubbli, is here to go through website design from an SEO perspective for anyone looking to design a new site or to update an existing one. If you’re worried about losing your existing traffic, or just want to make sure your new website will help you drive new traffic – these 12 steps will help anyone better inform their approach to web design.

In short, these steps cover:

  1. Trimming the fat
  2. Running a technical analysis
  3. Researching keywords
  4. Defining site architecture
  5. Page information structure
  6. Defining your tone of voice
  7. Quality copywriting
  8. Website design
  9. Website development
  10. Redirect plans
  11. Website testing
  12. and going live!

Whatever stage your website is at, there couldn’t be a better time to elevate your brand’s presence with an awesomely designed website that drives traffic to your site with search engine optimisation and user experience at the forefront.