The Top Social Media Trends In 2021

With 2020 behind us, there have been changes in the way businesses operate. The global pandemic caused a shift in the way businesses sell and the way in which social media trends are used. With limitations to physical proximity, marketing trends have shifted more heavily to online outlets. 

Social media trends are now more important than ever. It is key to keep an eye on trends and how these can support you and your business. Marketing has become a more personalised experience while simultaneously being linked to the newest platforms for content creation.

So what are the 2021 social media trends? 

Video content

Visualisation has become key. Videos and visual content are trends that are continuing to grow in popularity. The mark of this trend was the phenomenon of TikTok in 2020. The video-sharing platform became the most downloaded app of the year, proving that visual, video content is one of the new social media trends that is ever-popularised.

How does this relate to businesses? When it comes to marketing, various companies have taken to YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to share their products. Quite often, the most successful companies follow the general trends on the app, from crafts and DIY to dance videos and challenges. The key is not to follow every trend, but to choose those which apply to the company and roll with it. Creative, on-trend video content or live stories, are likely to catch the attention of a potential customer. 


Purpose-driven campaigns

This form of campaign is based on authenticity and relevance. This of course relies on new social media trends but mainly on trends that have a longer life-span than passing trends. 

For instance, being an ethical brand that is environmentally friendly, is an example of this movement. With the concern for environmental change, implementing these campaigns for change within your brand will engage with customers. The shared purpose and belief is a marketing technique to connect with potential consumers. This type of marketing is successful as Millennials are the most sustainability-driven generation to date, and they make up a large portion of the world’s population.

When it comes to purpose-driven campaigns, a company must be committed to a cause and willing to continually support it. It shows that a company stands for more than just the products and/or services it provides, but stands for a greater cause. This ethos will support campaigns that are purpose-driven.

Inclusivity and diversity

Throughout the pandemic, issues of inclusion and diversity have been debated. It has become clear that justice is a driving factor for many individuals and this speaks for the products and brands which they support.

While we are exploring this as a ‘trend’, this is something that has been fought for through time. Inclusivity is being more commonly represented through social media, as there is an outlet for free speech. In turn, brands are using more LGBTQ+ campaigns, models, and collaborators. This also transpires into the diversification of models and representation of minority groups. 

Diversity and inclusion help to support brands as individuals are more likely to support companies that support them and their values. This transpires back to the purpose-driven campaigns as well. 

We hope to see this trend continue and become a legacy within the marketing industry.


Social Media eCommerce

Once upon a time, eCommerce was limited to website building and direct buying. Now, there are so many more ways to drive sales and growth, social media being one of them. As apps such as Instagram grow in popularity, the potential to monetise increases. Using the correct links and advertising can directly relate to increased sales and exposure.

There are many ways to support your business through the likes of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Before you do, make sure you have a goal and strategy to work towards. Ensure your branding, content and legacy is all in cohesion and you have visually appealing and relevant posts to spread your content. Also, ensure that you have links to your websites and products, for viewers to be able to gain instant access.

Not to mention, Instagram and Facebook set up their ‘business’ profiles, which help to directly sell to a customer through their ‘shops’ option. This gives direct access to buyers, as sellers can upload listings and sell directly. The best part is, that all of these tools are free to use and with a strong strategy, you can significantly expand your reach.


Augmented reality

Perhaps one of the newest social media trends for businesses. Augmented reality relates to the way in which you can view, ‘try-on’ and interact with products in a virtual environment. Most notably, clothing brands, shoe companies and make-up brands have used this technique to increase their exposure. 

When we take a look at Snapchat, sponsored filters are common. These filters are a way to change your perception of reality and increase your exposure to trends. Make-up brands such as L’Oreal have released filters that sell their make-up, skincare and even hair care products. Depending on the product being featured, you may have different coloured lips, smoother hair or even wrinkle-free skin. The filters are a way to market a product by showing a heightened version of the results. Who wouldn’t want to buy a lipstick shade after a filter shows you the perfect one for your skin tone?


How to stay on top of social media trends?

When it comes to social media, it is ever-changing. Brands with successful social media strategies know that there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Keep Strategy In Mind – who do you want to target?
  2. Focus On Quality Content – consistency and quality are key
  3. Find Trends That Suit Your Brand – you don’t need to follow every passing trend
  4. Be Authentic – keep your voice unique and sincere

If you keep these in mind, there’s no doubt that your business will flourish through the use of new social media trends.

For more tips and information, check out our blog. We can’t wait to see the trends that you embrace!

The Top Social Media Trends In 2021,