Brand Owners registered in the Amazon Brand Registry will have found that their ARA Premium (otherwise known as Amazon Retail Analytics) has recently been renamed to Brand Analytics in their dashboards. 

What is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics is a feature available only to Brand Owners on Amazon, that gives data and insights on:

  • Amazon sales
  • Current stock levels
  • Keyword research
  • User behaviour
  • Commonly compared items

In the right hands, this information can be wielded to massively increase brand awareness and sales – without it, brands can find themselves struggling in the dark, with no clue how to improve their Amazon rankings.

Before the rebrand to Brand Analytics from Amazon Retail Analytics, obtaining this data would cost brands upwards of $30,000 per year. Brands unable to purchase Amazon Retail Analytics Premium would have to make do with Amazon Retail Analytics Basic, which offered only a tiny fraction of the data available.

Accessing Amazon Analytics via third party software is impossible, as the juiciest data is kept under strict lock and key by the retail monolith.

How do you get access to Amazon Brand Analytics?

As mentioned, getting access to ARA Premium before the rebrand was costly enough to be out of reach for all but the largest of brands. However, it would appear that Brand Analytics is now free for all brands registered in the Brand Registry – with several reports of this change coming from sellers across Amazon, despite no announcement from Amazon themselves.

To get access to Brand Analytics, you must be an internal member of a brand registered in the Brand Registry, (and selling the brand’s products on Amazon). If you do not have the feature to access Brand Analytics in your dashboard, it’s likely that you have not been identified as a registered brand on Amazon.

If you are registered in the Brand Registry, you can find Brand Analytics under the Reports tab in Seller Central.

brand analytics under reports in vendor central

How do I register my brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry?

To become registered in the Brand Registry, you will need to:

  • Have an active registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging
  • The ability to verify yourself as the brand owner or an authorised agent
  • A Vendor or Seller Central account on Amazon

You can log into Amazon Brand Analytics at

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