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The story behind the stories.

Bubbli started as one guy working out of his bedroom, rocking a baby to sleep in a carrycot under the desk. Things have changed a bit since then.


Crafting our clients’ stories since 2015

Here at Bubbli, we know a thing or two about getting brands ranking and in front of more people.

Founded by CEO Neil Sheth and based in London, our diverse team of experts hail from a myriad of backgrounds. Each of them is a master in their respective field, be it technical or creative.

Bubbli love telling evocative, enticing stories that fascinate customers old and new and create a buzz around brands.

We’re hungry for new projects

Bubbli work best when we’re put to the test.

No project is too tough, too daring, too out-there. Our clients represent a vast range of industries, cultures and languages. They seek our services from around the globe.

Every one of our clients has a unique story to tell. We care about getting you the best results we can possibly achieve.

The market’s tough, sure — but we can take it. You just try us.

Meet the team

Neil Sheth


Director and CEO Neil enjoyed a successful career as a business consultant in investment banking before founding Bubbli. With over a decade of digital marketing experience, Neil is commercially minded, inspiring and a powerful speaker. When he’s not plotting his next crazy scheme for Bubbli, Neil enjoys taking his 2-year-old swimming, listening to podcasts whilst forcing himself to go on a run and cheering on Man United (but try to not judge him too harshly on that…).

Kiri Gordon

Content Manager

Kiri is the Content Manager at Bubbli. She has been in the content industry for over 10 years.

Chris Raulf

US Managing Director

Originally from Switzerland, Chris heads up Bubbli’s US office in Boulder, Colorado. He is a lecturer in SEO and Digital and Content Marketing at the University of Strasbourg, not to mention a global keynote speaker. Chris’s international background makes him one of the few SEO experts who truly live and breathe multilingual digital marketing on a daily basis, and he takes great pride in instructing the next generation of tech experts. When he’s not strategising with businesses on expanding their global reach, Chris can be found skiing, hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountains (not all at the same time, mind you).

Daniel Burns

Director Strategic Operations, USA

For over 20 years, Daniel has a proven record of managing strategic direction and development - driving revenue gains and improving their efficiency and effectiveness. Daniel grew up in Brazil and graduated from the University of Miami. An avid reader and adept at radical sports, he sailed across the Atlantic and biked across Europe. These broadening experiences give him the ability to think laterally, turning stakeholder expectations into successful digital strategies.

Sveta Latysheva

SEO Manager

A bona fide self-taught SEO expert, Bubbli’s Ukrainian content manager Sveta knows what it takes to build businesses a strong online presence. After attaining a degree in Architecture, Sveta realised that marketing was her true calling after spending time as a copywriter. Sveta is calm, optimistic and highly adept at explaining complex SEO procedures in ways that clients can understand with ease. When she’s not bossing the management of Bubbli’s myriad of projects and ensuring our clients get only the best possible results, Sveta loves adventures, whether hiking, skiing or canoeing. She is also a passionate supporter of animal rescue charities.

James Phoenix

Data Scientist

James specialises in building technical data tools and automating our marketing processes. He has a strong passion for digital marketing, technology and data. An avid fan of 🐍 and JavaScript, James also loves to provide to in-depth audits on websites by carefully blending data from multiple APIs. You’ll often find him wrangling data, creating technology & providing SEO Tech Audits.

Joshua Ballard

Development Lead

Our eccentric development lead Joshua manages Bubbli’s development meticulously from all the way in Indonesia. Joshua and CEO Neil’s friendship stems way back to when Neil decided to part ways with his career in investment banking. Joshua, always the voice of wisdom and a savvy solutions architect, motivated and reassured Neil along the way of his exciting new career journey. Now, Joshua helps Bubblie thrive with his fantastic ability to just get shit done. When he’s not grafting hard, Joshua loves travelling Asia and trying his hand at Thai boxing (he’s been known to land some seriously strong right hooks).

Julie Walker

Marketing and Technical Writer

As a marketing and technical writer, Julie's passion is to help businesses tell their story by writing engaging and educational content that people can find online. With more than 15 years of experience in the localization world, both as a client and on the vendor side, Julie has a unique perspective of how source content plays nicely, or not nicely, with languages. When not driving people crazy by pointing out typos and bad fonts, Julie can be found with her nose in a book, camping or trying to keep up with her two kids (good luck).

Henna Amin


Henna is a copywriter and content creator here at Bubbli, but is a multidisciplinary creative at heart. Whether it’s design, blogs or social media, her creative cogs are always turning and producing new ideas to wow our clients and team alike. Having recently graduated from a top 5 UK university, she combines top-notch marketing theory with her passion for writing and creative flair.
When she’s not crafting 10/10 copy for our clients, you can find Henna writing poetry, practising mindfulness, listening (and singing along) to music, or raising awareness about a range of social issues on and offline.

Azhar Malik

Outreach Specialist

Azhar is the secret behind Bubbli's vast outreach network; splitting his time between researching, link building, and networking with journalists. With 7 years of experience in growing businesses in a sustainable and efficient way, Azhar loves to find new opportunities for exposure for our clients that is both impactful and economical. Azhar's approach to outreach is matched only by his insane cricket skills, having become a very good cricket player over the years. He also loves to play poker and spend time with his family and friends in Pakistan.

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